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Royal Casino Games invites you to experience the unique atmosphere of dice games found in the largest casinos in the world. By arranging your venue into a gaming room and providing professional croupiers, the frenetic atmosphere and the positive tension inherent to dice games will make you experience an amazing night.


Craps - Le jeu

Royal Casino Games offers of course one of the world famous casinos musts, Craps. Much better known in America than in Europe, its popularity through movies and US series is however obvious.

The game is regulated by four croupiers :

  • a table leader who controls the flow of the game
  • a first croupier who helps players placing theirs bets
  • a second croupier who does the pay-outs and collect the losing bets
  • a stickman who runs the game, collects the dices with a stick and announces the winning point

Craps is a fast and exciting dice game that will provide exhilarating and festive moments. Beginners or experts, our croupiers will guide you to their best so that alchemy between the players can take place.

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